Wednesday , April - 26 - 2017

How to Show Hidden files in USB 2 methods

Featured image | how to show hidden files in usb | S+ Tips & Tricks

Few days back I have created a blog on “How to make a bootable USB” and today we are going to talk about USB once again. But my today’s topic is “how to show hidden files in usb”. What is USB? USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a portable drive that …

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How to Invite All Friends on Facebook with one click

Facebook Invite all Featured Image

As you all know Facebook is one of the biggest social media network in the world. Everyone use this social media platform for different purposes.   Normally we create profiles to interact with peoples. But if you are a business person/website owner/Entertainer etc. and you want to promote your work online. …

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How To Link your Facebook account with Twitter

link facebook account with twitter | S+ Tips & Tricks

If you are frustrated at having to post a status update on Facebook and doing the same thing on Twitter. This thing can be very annoying especially when you are an extremely busy person and you don’t have that much time to repeat the same thing on different social media …

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5 Best URL Shorten to Make Money Online

Make Money Online by shorten url | S+ Tips & Tricks

Make money online by shorten your URL’s is one of the easiest way you can find on the web. Webmaster can simply do that by shorting there URL’s and sharing them on their websites. But If you are not a webmaster and you don’t have your own website you can …

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How To Make a Bootable USB

How to make a bootable USB | S+ Tips & Tricks

Are you trying to install windows on your computer using USB drive but you don’t know how to do it? Then you are in the right place. I am here to show you how you can turn your simple USB into Operating system installation drive.  Making a bootable USB is …

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